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Web Hosting Service

We are ready to help get your presence online.
Web hosting service options that include domain registration, email setup and ongoing support.

Web Hosting Web Hosting Service
Setup, Emails, Domain Registration
Web Hosting Costs
Renew Your Existing Hosting Account
(Company Policy On Web Hosting Content)

Web Hosting Service
Our web hosting service allows you to get your presence online. Included with our web hosting plan is domain name registration and email setup. Our plan can be tailored to your specific website requirements. This service also provides shared SSL security, basic website submission, and Flash support. Other hosting options are available at additional costs including dedicated SSL certificates and ecommerce solutions. If you have specific requirements not mentioned here, please contact us to discuss other options available.

Setup, Emails, Domain Registration
A Presence Site will be created which provides 10Gbytes of disk space for the website. Five email addresses can be created for your domain. The email addresses would be of this form <user>@yourdomain.com where <user> is the name selected to go with the account. Typically, one of the five emails can be reserved for info@yourdomain.com, but this is up to the discretion of the client.

We will renew your primary domain name without further registration fees as long as the web hosting account is continued. If a client would like to include 2-5* additional domains, these can be added and can also be pointer domains that will "point" to a website. These additional domains will be renewed annually for an additional fee.

* For more than 5 domains, Hawthorne Software would need to evaluate the situation to determine what would be the best approach for the client.

Web Hosting Costs
Annual cost for regular web hosting plan: $240*
One-time account setup fee: $75

*1st domain is included with a web hosting account
Additional domains are $20/year

Existing Domain Transfer Fee
If you have an existing domain name that you would like transferred, there is a one-time transfer fee for a single domain: $50
If additional research and requirements are necessary to transfer an existing domain, the transfer fee may increase but would be discussed prior to transfer.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Renew Your Existing Hosting Account
If you currently have a web hosting account with Hawthorne Software and would like to renew your web hosting online, please click on the website renewal button below.

Web Renewal

Company Policy Regarding Web Hosting Content
At Hawthorne Software Engineering, we reserve the right to decline hosting sites with objectionable content. We also reserve the right to terminate accounts that publish objectionable content to a website hosted by Hawthorne Software. Objectionable content is subjectively determined by our staff.

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