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Web Design

Helping you meet your goals for website design and mobile development.

At Hawthorne Software Engineering, we design custom websites and mobile sites with a creative approach that will function as a marketing tool for your business or organization. We have the talent and experience in web development, search engine optimization and the latest in technology approaches to work into each website strategy.

Web Design Our Approach in Creating a Website
Web Design Pricing
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Our Approach in Creating a Website

We work with you to design a site that promotes your company's image.
Our design team utilizes the latest technology using an artistic flare that will catch your surfer's attention. From the very beginning phase until the end, we work with you to determine the architecture of your site and provide consultation for the technologies that your specific web requirements demand. After the completion of a website or mobile site project, maintenance is offered to help you keep your information up-to-date.

Strategy and Requirements
We work with you to understand your goals and the requirement of your website. We start with asking what is it that you would like to achieve with this new site. The look and feel along with understanding what you hope to see are some of the questions that we will cover. After reviewing these areas, we create a proposal and quotation for your review.

Provide experience to guide you through the web of technology
Go over requirements to understand the expectations
Create a proposal and quotation for review

Architecture and Creative Design
After reviewing the requirements of your website, we create the site architecture to allow for future expansion and maintenance of your site. Color schemes, graphics design and page layout are performed during this phase. During this time we will review our work with you and collect feedback. If you desire to perform some of the design and implementation, we will help guide you in the requirements necessary to use your content or graphics. At the end of this phase, we have a website that is ready for publishing.

Use creative design and strategy in page layout and graphics design
Can use existing marketing literature or graphics to help reflect your company image
Review design with client before publishing

Website Structure Illustration

Publishing and Maintenance
The project is not finalized until the website is published. Part of this process is making sure that your site will be found when people search for it. We use basic search engine registration tools so that your page is ranked higher in the major search engines. We still aren't done after the site is published. We will work with you to make sure that your site stays current. If you would like to maintain your site, we will train you so that you can keep your website investment up-to-date.

Browse through our portfolio to get an idea of the quality of our work and to see a variety of businesses and organizations that have trusted Hawthorne Software Engineering for their online website needs.

Web Design Pricing
Our goal is to help get your business online without it becoming a major expense to you. Since each client is different with their specific needs, web design prices can vary. We typically quote a project based on an hourly rate to help keep costs down. Prices can vary depending on the amount of graphic development or other specific needs that may be required for a particular project. To find out what a new website would cost, just contact us. We will gather some necessary information and put a proposal together for you.

Mobile Site Development
Every business should consider having a mobile website. The reason is that most normal websites just don't fit or work properly on the small screen of a smartphone. This is why a mobile site should be designed in a simple way to easily navigate to important information readily available for a customer.

If you think about it this way, most smartphone users are not usually just browsing on the web. They are there for a purpose. Usually to find a phone number or a map of a location for a business or organization. Easy-to-find links to make that phone call, send an email or get directions can only help a business stay connected and perhaps add potential customers. View our mobile portfolio displaying some of our clients.

Mobile Site Development

Our design team will create a mobile site that will include a sub domain for the mobile version.* Most mobile devices will automatically be directed to the mobile site version using script that detects mobile devices. We also know that some smartphone users may still want to view the normal website next. We include an easy-to-find link for viewing the normal website as well.

*A sub domain is free if you have a current hosting account with Hawthorne Software. This domain is not necessary for an automatic redirect - in case a client does not host with us.

Mobile Site Costs
Mobile development costs will vary depending on each client's requirements. Please contact us and let us give you a quotation on this service. If your current website is hosted through us, the hosting for your mobile site is included in the hosting package with NO additional hosting costs - only the one-time costs to design the mobile site. If you have a hosting package somewhere else and would like to have us create a mobile site, we will need to know what your hosting requirements are and would later need the publishing information.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) submission will enhance website traffic to your website and even to specific pages within the website. Initial optimization will be based on a set of keywords that will be integrated throughout the website. This is a yearly service plan that provides monitoring to the website on a monthly basis and resubmitting to the search engines with a monthly report that outlines the status of the site. By evaluating these reports, there may be times when additional optimization may be necessary to help increase website traffic. Additional optimization may be performed at the request of the client at a rate of $35/hour.

Clients that use this same optimization service that we utilize include: General Motors, PayPal, Nissan, Motorola, IBM, Siemens, Hitashi, GameStop, J.B.Hunt, New York Life, MGM Mirage, ADP, Genworth Financial, Deloitte, Sky Europe, Stryker, gsk, and more.

SEO Costs
Initial optimization will be based on a set of keywords integrated throughout the website.
This is a yearly service plan that provides monitoring of the website.

Initial Optimization - $240 (one-time cost)
Submission Service - $500 (yearly service plan) *
* Each year for submission, the website pages will be re-evaluated and adjusted with optimization necessary to help increase website traffic.

Company Policy Regarding Web Design Content
At Hawthorne Software Engineering, we reserve the right to decline designing or updating any website with objectionable content. We also reserve the right to terminate accounts that publish objectionable content to a website hosted by Hawthorne Software. Objectionable content is subjectively determined by our staff.

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We look forward to helping you with all of your online and software development needs.

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