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Hawthorne Software Engineering is dedicated to providing exceptional services at affordable prices. But it’s more than that. It’s about relationships. We have many loyal clients who have trusted us with their software and hosting needs throughout the years. Whether you are one of our longtime clients, or a new customer, we promise to deliver the same outstanding service for which we’ve always been known.

We have worked with clients in a variety of different industries to provide website designs that are specific to a client's business needs. Many of these clients are ones we continue to work with by providing maintenance, updates and more.

Featured Projects

  • Sayre Builders
  • Woodstock Township
  • MDK Shredding
  • Addison Congregational Church
  • BCH Consulting
  • Buddy's Mini Marts
  • Double A Lawnscaping & Supply
  • S&S Parts
  • Jackson County Outdoor Club
  • Loar Pontoon Refurbishing
  • ACF Global Logistics
  • Cascades Church
  • Heart O' The Lakes Church
  • SysTech Handling
  • St Lukes Clinic
  • Jackson Christian School
  • The Water Store
  • Center Self Storage
  • Liberty Township
  • Groundskeepers Services
  • Keepin' It Clean
  • Jackson County Outdoors (Division of The Exponent)
  • God's Garden Early Learning Center
  • The Exponent
  • Lake Columbia Property Owners Association
  • Micro Form Inc.
  • Hilltop Manor Inn
  • The Exponent Extra
  • Schneider Construction
  • Boaters Choice
  • Experience the Irish Hills
  • Columbia School District
  • Brooklyn Products International
  • AmeriFoam
  • Hills Heart of the Lakes Golf Course

  • Mobile Site
  • Center Self Storage
  • Schneider Construction
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Hills Golf Course
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
  • Mobile Site
Mobile Site Projects

Reasons to have a Mobile Site
Mobile sites are created to work properly on a smartphone and are designed in a simple way - to easily navigate to important information readily available for a customer. Easy-to-find links to make that phone call, send an email, or get directions can only help a business stay connected and perhaps add potential customers.

Web Sites Designed by Hawthorne Software

This is a partial listing of sites which does include some older sites that are using older technology.
This listing is simply provided to show clients who trust and have used our services throughout the years.

Sayre Builders - Responsive Site
Woodstock Township - Responsive Site
BCH Consulting - Responsive Site
Addison Congregational - Responsive Site
MDK Shredding - Responsive Site
Buddys Mini Marts - Responsive Site

Double A Lawnscaping - Responsive Site

S&S Parts - Responsive Site
Cascades Church - Responsive Site
ACF Global Logistics - Responsive Site
St. Luke's Clinic - Responsive Site
Loar Storage & Loar Pontoon Refurbishing...
...Similar Theme for Client, 1-Pg Responsive Sites

Countryside Lawn and Snow - Responsive Site
Celvivo - Responsive Site
Liberty Township

Center Self Storage
Groundskeepers Services - Responsive Site
God's Garden Early Learning Center
Jackson County Outdoors- WordPress Site
Heart O'The Lakes Church- WordPress Site *
The Exponent - WordPress Site *
Irish Hills Comm. Legacy - Responsive Site
Keepin' It Clean
Jackson County Outdoor Club
The Exponent Extra - WordPress Site *
SysTech Handling - WordPress Site
Lake Columbia Property Owners Assoc.
The Water Store
Hilltop Manor Inn
Jackson Christian School
Micro Form
Columbia School District
Brooklyn Irish-Hills Chamber
Boater's Choice
Napoleon Livestock Commission Co.
Mystery Hill
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bio Image Systems
North Shore Marine
Hilltop Contracting
Hills Golf Course
J.A. Devereaux
Finkbeiner and Associates
EZWay Driver Education
Morin Apartments
New Jerusaleum Christian Fellowship
Matthew Logan DDS
Morris Smith Insurance Agency
Weaver Tiles
Flying Colors
Wood-n-Creations Chainsaw Carving
Tom Coffey's Soft Water
Brooklyn Presbyterian Church
Brooklyn Products
Village of Brooklyn
Norvell Township
Schneider Construction
Superior Critter Control
Irish Hills Recreation
Abrasive Solutions
J. Mason Contracting
Brooklyn Food Pantry
Madison's Music Store
Sexton Electric
Cottage Renovation Group
The Gertrude Kasle Gallery
Dullock Excavating
Partridge Enterprises
Lakeside Home Services
Sauk Valley Resort
Prophecy Primer
Michigan Marine Surplus
Dr. Raymond Cole
Guy Williams
The Protection Center
Affordable Storage of Brooklyn
Columbia Cleaning Service

A Responsive Site works on mobile devices without the need of a second mobile site.

After training session(s), these indicated sites are maintained by the client.

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